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12 August, 2019

Last Chance to Register

2019 SA Prayer Breakfast

Ticket Sales End 16th August

Don't miss out

9 April, 2019

Save The Date

Details of the 2019 South Australian Prayer Breakfast have been confirmed.

Keep an eye on this space for further dates and details.

1 April, 2019

Business Groups April 2019

Are you a Student, in the Marketplace or Retired. Groups are for all walks of life. Spaces available so come and join us

April Dates are:

Maximum Impact Club - Monday 1st, Thursday 11th and Monday 15th.

3 Things Successful People Do - Monday 29th

(Contact me for times and locations)

Look forward to seeing you there.

1 March, 2019

Business Groups March 2019

It's been a great start to our Groups in February

Why not come and join us for March

March Dates are:

Maximum Impact Club - Monday 4th, Thursday 14th and Monday 18th.

3 Things Successful People Do - Monday 25th

(Contact me for times and locations)

Look forward to seeing you there.


Check out our Business Groups

CBMC Business Groups

What is a Business Growth Group

A group of four to six people and a facilitator who meet every month to discuss and learn new strategies to help in their personal and marketplace journey

What do they offer?

An opportunity to grow your business skills and network. Be encouraged, empowered and ready to face your next challenge.

Sharing in a relaxed and confidential environment with likeminded people

How do they work?

Each group determines meeting time and place

Breakfast meetings (Usual held at a Cafe)

Time: 7am to 8.30pm

Format: Personal sharing time as we have breakfast, followed by discussion of this months topic

Current resources are Deep Leadership by Dr Nick Hawkes and Maximum Impact Club by John Maxwell

We have a number of groups in different areas of Adelaide so contact us and check one out and see what you think.


Join us as we explore Anointed For Business in 2020

Today more than ever, the heart of our cities is the marketplace. Yet the perceived "wall" between commercial pursuit and service to God continues to be a barrier to advancing His kingdom. Ed Silvoso invites all Christians in the foundation for an unparalleled marketplace revival. Only then can we extend God's kingdom to every corner of our world.

***DVD starting times listed below***



Chapter 1: Confessions of a Christian Businessman.....Start..9:35

Chapter 2: Jesus and the Marketplace....Start..17:45

Chapter 3: The Disciples and the Marketplace.....Start..25:20

Chapter 4: The God of Business.....Start..32:10

Chapter 5: God loves Bill Gates Too.....Start..44:10

Chapter 6: Reconciliation in the Marketplace.....Start..36:40

Chapter 7: The Kingdom, The Church and the Marketplace.....Start..47:50

Chapter 8: God in the Boardroom.....Start..52:30

Chapter 9: Four Steps to finding Your Destiny in The Marketplace.....Start..1:00:05

Chapter 10: Your Destiny: Saving the Nation.....Start..1:07:50

Chapter 11: Why God wants You to declare Bankruptcy.....Start..1:15:30

Chapter 12: Doing Business God’s Way.....Start..1:22:40


Deep Leadership by Dr Nick Hawkes

Deep Leadership is a book about how to lead at a profound level, a level that transforms organisations—and it is written by a leader.



Chapter 1: What is Leadership?

Chapter 2: Leadership Qualities

Chapter 3: Leadership Styles

Chapter 4: Strategic Planning and Vision

Chapter 5: Conflict Management

Chapter 6: Bringing Change and Controlling Culture

Chapter 7: Finding and Selecting a Team

Chapter 8: Investing in Your Team

Chapter 9: Up-Front Leadership Skills

Chapter 10: Making Meetings Work

Chapter 11: Leadership in Today’s Context

Chapter 12: Leadership Self-Management


John Maxwell - 3 Things Successful People Do

Chapter 1: The Journey Is More Fun

If You Know Where You're Going

Part 1: Knowing Your Purpose

Chapter 2: Where Would I Like to Go?

Chapter 3: How Far Can I Go?

Chapter 4: How Do I Get There from Here?

Part 2: Growing to Your Maximum Potential

Chapter 5: What Should I Pack in My Suitcase?

Chapter 6: How Do I Handle the Detours?

Chapter 7: Are We There Yet?

Part 3: Sowing Seeds That Benefit Others

Chapter 8: Is It a Family Trip?

Chapter 9: Who Else Should I Take with Me?

Chapter 10: What Should We Do Along the Way?

Afterword: What Did You Like Best About the Trip?


John Maxwell - Maximum Impact Club

Accelerate your personal and professional growth with your mentor, John C. Maxwell. Sign up now for LIVE monthly calls with Maximum Impact Mentoring.

Listen in and ask questions on your LIVE monthly call with John.

Access more than 50 personal growth and leadership lessons from John.

Experience simple, applicable teachings each month to accelerate your business and personal growth.