What is a Business Growth Group?

A CBMC Business Growth Group consists of four to six people involved in the marketplace (business, education or government) plus a facilitator, who meet every month to discuss and learn new strategies to solve important issues.

Business Growth Groups offer

  • Counsel - shared wisdom, giftedness and experience of likeminded people based on sound values and ethics.
  • Accountable - gaining the courage to follow through on tough decisions and issues as they arise.
  • Mutual Support - receiving and giving understanding, empathy and encouragement.
  • Confidentiality - gaining trust and confidence in one another that comes with honesty and transparency in a confidential environment.
  • Business Tools - resources, training and networking opportunities.
  • Gain Skills - to more effectively interact interpersonally in the marketplace.
  • Grow - personally, spiritually and professionally.

Each group to determine meeting times – breakfast, evening, weekend etc.

Duration of meeting usually 1.5 – 2 hours.


  1. Welcome and personal sharing time
  2. Report on accountability task conducted over the previous month
  3. Discussion of this month’s resource
  4. Setting of accountability task(s) for coming month
  5. CBMC provides the resources, mentoring and the system to establish and run Business Growth Groups in conjunction with churches, organisations, businesses, and groups of businesses.

Our current programs are Deep Leadership by Dr Nick Hawkes and Maximum Impact Club by John Maxwell.

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