CBMC Forums

CBMC Forums offers an opportunity for Christian business leaders (business owners and managers) to meet with people of similar business responsibilities and present ideas, concerns, and problems so as to receive godly counsel.

The members meet faithfully to help each other apply Biblical principles to the everyday operation of their businesses.

The counsel and support of fellow executives becomes "A friendly Board of Advisors”


  • To present Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord to business and professional people and to develop Christian business and professional people to carry out the Great Commission.
  • To focus Christian business and professional people in understanding God’s mind as it relates to using Biblical principles in their business, personal time, talent, and treasures.
  • To equip Christian business leaders to use their business relationships as a platform for ministry.
  • To develop life-on-life relationships between the members that impacts the ‘whole’ person.


  1. A CBMC FORUMS group consists of 5-10 approved members with a CBMC Moderator to lead and facilitate meetings.
  2. The members are drawn from non-competing businesses with similarities such as number of employees etc.
  3. A CBMC FORUMS Director will provide leadership for these FORUMS groups and will be accountable to the State Council.