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Rising to a New Level

Sometimes it can be hard to let go. As a Christian I know that God has decreed seasons for everything, but accepting that a season is coming to an end is something else altogether.  Being prepared to release one thing frees us up to embrace a new thing but sometimes it can be difficult to do.

RISE Magazine has been published in hard copy since September 2009. In fact, it was an invitation from Geoff Kempster of CBMC to produce an edition for the 29th South Australian Prayer Breakfast that started us on the journey. We have always been thankful for this opportunity.  Since then we have distributed 110,000 copies of the magazine throughout SA and beyond. We’ve received much positive feedback and had opportunities to engage with people who had faith related questions. I amgrateful to the churches, ministries and businesses that understood our vision and told their stories of God’s goodness in the pages of RISE.  These stories were read in waiting rooms, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, universities and pubs. And I’m particularly thankful to God for somehow making it all happen and showing us what is possible with no budget and a little faith.    

After publishing the 36th SA Prayer Breakfast edition in September 2016, we felt it was time to shift our focus from producing a glossy edition to concentrating on the various online platforms. There was a major advantage to this – no deadlines. But also a major disadvantage – you guessed it, no deadlines!  RISE originally began online in March 2008, but we haven’t come full circle. Since then we have seen the evolution of the internet – and in particular social media – as a primary source of knowledge, entertainment and news for a large proportion of the population.  From 5,000 readers each quarter, the potential audience for RISE has now grown to encompass the world, not just the Adelaide metropolitan area!

So we’ve let go – something I found difficult at one level  (I confess I was attached to the glossy mags and have some of my favourite covers hanging on my home office wall) but I found it exciting at another level (so many stories still to source, write, upload and share with the world.)

We are still in transition and not yet up to full speed in the online space but we’re nearly there. While RISE Magazine’s mode of delivery has changed, its purpose remains the same: to unite the Christian community by sharing their stories of God’s love in a way that is real and accessible to people who are searching for truth, who are looking for comfort and encouragement and who – regardless of the stage of their journey - need to be oriented towards Christ.

If you have a story to tell, RISE Magazine would love to help you share it with the world!

By Wendy Rush, Managing Editor, RISE Magazine


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