About Us

CBMC International SA Inc. is a Christian leadership network connecting with the business and marketplace community in South Australia to bring hope and transformation through sound values and principles.

"CBMC International is a not-for-profit organisation operating in 85 countries. Originating in the USA in the 1930’s, it commenced in Australia in 1950 and serves the business and professional community through a network of Business Groups, Teams and Special Groups.”


We are committed to serving the business and marketplace community in South Australia because we are Christian.

We bring a message of hope and seek transformation through alignment with sound values and principles.

We are a non-denominational ministry that has a focus on business and professional leaders.

Core Values

  • We value being Christ-centred and so submit ourselves to a life of faith and obedience under Christ’s saving Lordship.
  • We value Prayer and so believe that God hears and answers our prayers, which undergird all of our ministries and activities.
  • We value being intentional in Evangelism and so responding to the saving grace of God, we seek to honour Christ’s call, to spread the good news about what he has done for us, by sharing this truth with people who do not know him.
  • We value Ministering to One Another and so believe in Bible based relational discipleship leading to spiritual reproduction.
  • We value Biblical Leadership and so embrace a servant leadership style that is forward thinking, creative, flexible and focused on ministry excellence.
  • We value Ministering with One Another as so believe that effective ministry is increased through teamwork.
  • We value the Bible and so believe in its integrity and authority as our guidebook for daily living in our personal and business life.